The Courses

We offer two types of course, most charged at a fixed rate for up to 30 participants – ideal for departmental training grants.
Booster Course. This is to designed to quickly boost you up to being productive using R.
Bespoke Course. This is up to you… boost your use of R up to wherever you like.

We’ve run our courses at:
Oxford University (Zoology); Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) Wallingford;
Univeristy of East Anglia; Stirling University; Queens University, Belfast;
University of Sheffield; University of Zurich; Federal University of São Carlos, Brasil ;
Stokholm Resilience Centre; McGill University; University of Concepcion (Chile);
Durham University; University of Hull; Plymouth University

Our typical 4 day Syllabus:

  • Import, Explore, Graph
  • Translating Basic Statistics to R
  • Generalised Linear Models and Linear Mixed-Effects Models
  • Graphics/Multivariate Methods/Bring Your Own Data

For more details, check out the course specific pages (Booster CourseBespoke Course).

To Book, please contact us @

Spaces and Times are limited. Now considering courses for 2013/2014